Sevilla 17.2.2 is available

[2017-08-31] We are pleased to announce the release of Sevilla 17.2.2. It can be downloaded from the usual location.

New in this version:

  • FIDE mode has become more strict. (Even more.) Most of the options that are not allowed to be changed are now shown grey.
  • Deleting an absence or a game must be confirmed. There is a configuration option to switch this off.
  • Adjourned is added as possible board result.
  • Moyenne has been added as a variant of Ladder pairing system.
  • The minimum amount of rounds, needed to appear in the ranking, can now also be a percentage of the total rounds played.
  • Bye is now called “Pairing allocated bye”.
  • Loading .trf files will sort existing games as is done normally after pairing.
  • Fixes on reading .trf files
  • A tool was added to help finding Java. In some cases users have Java installed but Sevilla didn’t find it. Running this tool should help these users.
  • Various adjustments, minor changes and bugfixes. See the release notes.