Sevilla screenshots

1. The first screenshot shows the configuration page. This page has various tab pages in itself all of which contain options to configure the competition to your needs.

2. This is an impression of the player list. The edit buttons will open a separate dialog to edit the player data.

3. This shows the game entry. Use the edit buttons to create games and enter the results, of use the quick keys 1, 2, 3 or "w", "d" and "l" to input the results.

4. This is the ranking screen. The ranking selector on the bottom allows you to have different views of the ranking, or even to have different rankings, based on different criterions.

5. Here is the same screen, but with a different type of ranking selected. Who won the most rating points, in this case.

6. Need information about one specific player? Then use the history page. Select a player and see all his playing details in one screen.

7. If you want a graphical representation of the results and the progress then you will like the diagram screen.

There are various graphical displays. The next one shows the rating increase of the same players.