Sevilla 17.1.1 has been released

[2017-05-06] Sevilla 17 is finally ready! You can download it from the download page. Please read on for an overview of the new features.

New in this version:

  • Sevilla’s Dutch Swiss has been updated to the new 2017 FIDE pairing rules.
  • Likewise, the latest JaVaFo engine has been added, as well as the BBP Pairings engine. All are engines for the 2017 FIDE pairing rules.
  • A FIDE mode option was added. When this option has been enabled then Sevilla will guard the pairing settings, ensuring they do not conflict with FIDE regulations.
  • Acceleration has been heavily extended. You can not only set the number of accelerated rounds but also the amount of acceleration and the number of groups. There are quick rule creation options for the new Baku rules and the classic (2 round) acceleration.
  • The amount of acceleration per player is available in a ranking column.
  • A knock-out pairing system was added.
  • A phone number field was added to the player data.
  • Absences can be created by category, useful e.g. when teams of players are absent.
  • The “other 1” to “other 5” absences can be renamed from within the software.
  • Games can be easily moved to different rounds.
  • Games can be automatically assigned a venue.
  • For minor scores the result display can be configured, ranging from the match score (1-0), through the minor score (3-1) to the subminor (set) score (6-1 4-6 6-3 7-5).
  • Rankings can be created on subminor scores and on team SB.
  • Sevilla can now automatically determine the encoding of input files (like player import files, language files and PGN files)
  • Report can now be created as Excel (.xlsx) files.
  • The multireporter tool can now create txt, csv, html and xlsx. Formerly html and csv could be created for mailing and otherwise you always got txt.
  • Printing of round robin forms has been improved.
  • The move player tool will now display the player’s initial rating.
  • Expert mode was added. When expert mode is enabled advanced settings can be edited from within the software. Before this could only be done by modifying a competition file with a plain text editor. Beware though that, as the name sets, these are expert settings and changing them is not recommended unless you know what you’re doing.
  • When creating PGN for draughts the file extension will become .pdn.
  • SevillaScript has been greatly extended. SevScript is not meant for daily usage but e.g. for bulk testing and simulation.
  • Many minor improvements, bug fixes and other. Please read the release notes for details.