Sevilla 19.1.1 is available

[2021-08-15] Sevilla 19.1.1 has been released. As usual it can be downloaded from the download section.

New features have been described in the release notes that comes with the installation. Here are the highlights:

  • Added an alias field for players, which may help improve their anonymity on the web. Anonymity has been improved anyway with new possibilities.
  • Import of players has been improved. Now the formats of player lists of various federations is already known to Sevilla. For a number of federations Sevilla can instantly download the list.
  • The player flag will be shown in the player dialog.
  • There is a new tool “create return leg”. This tool is intended for competitions where two players meet two times at one time – typically once with white and once with black each.
  • For the web dialog player data can be linked with one of his web addresses. E.g. you can set-up to link the alias or the player-id to the FIDE player page.
  • Added additional organization mail addresses.
  • Update of FIDE country codes and flags
  • There have been functional changes in the XML/JSON/PHP/CSV dumps, causing them to possibly break with existing exports. Please read the release notes if you use this functionality, and check if the results still match your expectations.
  • Result reporting has been added for a generic JSON type and the generic XML type has been updated to become more logical. If you are frequently using this please check if the results still match your expectations.
  • Added country-fallback for countries that are no FIDE member, e.g. Greenland falls back to Denmark.
  • Saving TRF files from the File menu will now save several extra settings in the Sevilla specific “SEV” mnemonic. The “SEV” mnemonics are not generated when creating ranking reports or when interating with external engines.
  • SevScript has extended for pairing and result simulation.
  • The internet dll has been completely rewritten to work with cUrl. This is much better maintained than the previous version which was based on Indy.