Sevilla 18.3.1 is available.

[2019-08-18] We are please to announce the release of the latest Sevilla version: 18.3.1. It can be downloaded from the usual place.

New features in this version include:

  • Ladder and Keizer competitions have added and improved pairing algorithms.
  • SFTP client was added, so you can upload to the web using SFTP.
  • Scores of forfeit results can now be made different from scores from normal results.
  • Round specific rankings. This is useful for Amsterdams, where the ranking order may depend on the round. For other pairing systems this is not available, nor useful.
  • Game and absence sorting by clicking on the column header (if the column supports it).
  • Icons are now scaled when the application is scaled.
  • Added new valuation methods and pairing variants for Keizer/Ladder.
  • Buchholz and Sonneborn Berger calculations can now take place on the score parameters, in addition to the already available points (always 1, ½, 0).
  • Provisionally added the Scheveningen system for competitions with boards.
  • Alternative scores have been added to games and absences.
  • Hotkeys for categories, venues and game types.
  • Added result submission for FMJD (draughts).
  • Presence scores for boards.
  • Player columns for minor for and against.
  • Printing of color assignments on boards on game forms.
  • Use of own “resources.dat” has been added (for advanced users).
  • Sensitive data (date that is not mailed or published on the website) can be configured.
  • Team data from .trf files will now be read.
  • XML/Json report improvements.
  • Changes on viewers, including replacing the old webitems.dat file by viewer.ini files per viewer. Also the provided viewers have some minor improvements.
  • Various other minor improvements, and several bug-fixes.