Sevilla 18.1.1 is available

[2018-09-10] I’m pleased to announce the availability of Sevilla 18.1.1. This brand new version comes with many new and improved features. You may proceed immediately to the downloads page to get it, or read on for information on the changes.

New features include:

  • Restricted FIDE mode much more, in order to better force compliance with the FIDE rules.
    • Options not complying to FIDE mode where disabled.
    • Checks on number of PABs
    • Limitation on changing and deleting previous rounds (before the last one paired).
    • Disabling the change of some settings once the first round has been paired.
  • Sevilla uses pairing numbers now for pairing Swiss, Keizer, Amalfi, Round Robin and Amsterdams competitions. This means that the player order can be changed without affecting the pairing order. On the other hand it is adviced to review the pairing order before pairing the first round, and Sevilla will advice you to do so.
  • Sevilla can directly import FIDE rating lists from the web (in the import player function).
  • Search in the import player function can be done with “starts with”, in addition to the already present “includes” function.
  • Remembered imports can now be renamed.
  • Added game export/import to/from Excel. This allows result entry outside Sevilla. This can be useful for very large and fast tournaments, where multiple users are simultaneously enter results.
  • Dates of birth are now handled as “sensitive” data, like passwords and e-mail addresses. This simplifies compliance to the new EU privacy rules.
  • Added some new ranking columns and criteria.
  • Upgraded pairing engines JaVaFo to 2.2 and BBP Pairings to 4.1.0.
  • Added a privacy option, to protect player names to be viewed on the web pages.
  • The default character for forfeit was changed from ‘R’ to ‘F’.
  • Acceleration accorting to the new 2018 FIDE rules was added in the quick menu for acceleration. This could already be done by hand.
  • Updated order of FIDE titles (FM is now “better” than WIM)
  • Added a “group selection” option to Amsterdam competitions. This allows for another type of group creation, which minimizes the number of odd groups (and instead may make groups of size 2 smaller)
  • Prohibiting pairings can now be done on team, category and country, besides the already present individual.
  • Replaced flags with bigger ones, and updated some who have recently changed.
  • Added a report to create player cards (to be put on the playing tables)
  • Website headers can be somewhat configured (read the help on “resources.dat”)
  • A pools page was added to the web site for Amsterdam competitions.
  • Update checks can also check for development versions (see
  • Added country codes for new FIDE members
  • Support of UTF-16 files
  • The game viewers have got an additional “show PGN” feature.
  • Improved handling of missing dll’s and .dat files
  • Various minor improvements and fixes.

Check the release notes for all of the changes in this version.

Download Sevilla 18.1.1.