Sevilla 16.1.1 is available

[2014-07-02] I like to announce the arrival of a major new Sevilla release: Sevilla 16.1.1. This version offers a variety of new features and enhancements; see below for a summary. Sevilla 16 is still free of charge for non commercial usage, and can be downloaded from the download page.

New features in version 16 include:

  • Unicode support. Sevilla can now process UTF-8 based files, allowing use of non Western scripts like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic, Arab, Thai, Hebrew, etc, and mixing different scripts. Translations can also be created for non Western scripts.
  • Support for operating systems older than Windows XP has dropped, mainly because of the change to Unicode.
  • The application can now be scaled to a bigger format.
  • MacMahon rules can be added. This effectively allows Swiss systems to be enhanced to MacMahon pairings.
  • The import player feature has had a speed improvement.
  • Upgraded the JaVaFo engine to the latest version.
  • Pairing difference settings have been enhanced.
  • The number of acceleration rounds can now be set through the UI.
  • Ranking criterions can be reused after following criterions have been used. This is very useful for instance for mutual results.
  • Some ranking criterions were added, most notably Koya.
  • Reporting can now be done to screen, in addition to printer, e-mail and file.
  • Besides a dump to XML and CSV files, data can now also be dumped to JSON, and to a PHP source file.
  • A web viewer for Reversi (Othello) was added.
  • The web pages for the XRef and the color chart can now use vertical headers for the columns. (Note that IE8 and below doesn’t properly support this feature.)

And many more. Please read the relnotes.doc in the Doc subdirectory of the installation directory for a full overview of all changes, enhancements and fixes.