Get Montreux running on new Java’s

Montreux is our chess game viewer and is written as a Java applet. Increasing security measures from the Java developers make it harder and harder to run Montreux on your web site. This article explains why Montreux often doesn’t work, and how you can maybe get it to work after all

Java has been criticized a lot for its security flaws. Eventually they have thought of an interesting solution. Java applets need to be signed. This means: the developer pays money to a security agency and then the security agency says that your applet is safe. This costs money for a developer, even for one who supplies his software for free.

Oracle, the owner  of Java, proves that they are not able to handle the security issues themselves properly. Unlike for instance the tablet platforms and facebook, applets are not required to tell the Java environment which features they plan to use. Which feature use can then be granted by the user, and checked by the Java Virtual Machine. So even very innocent applets like Montreux, who really do only a bit of reading on the server side, and not a thing on the client machine (your computer), can’t be recognized as such. Instead a fee is required.

Montreux doesn’t have a digital signature. Still there are some options to bypass the refusal of the JVE to run it.

  • Search for Java in your start menu, rightclick the submenu “Check for updates” and choose “Run as administrator” from the pop-up menu.
  • Windows will ask for permission, grant it, and you will get a screen with a few tabcards.
  • Click the tabcard named “Security”.
  • Add the site where Montreux runs into the exception site list. Click Edit site list, add the site and click OK.
  • You should return to this screen, with the site you added in the list. Press OK.
  • You should now be set to run Montreux in the browser. The browser will still issue some warnings however.

Please note one thing. Don’t allow every site to run Java like this. There are malicious sites that may infect your computer with nasty things. Keep being careful and only allow sites that you trust to run Java.