Sevilla 16.3.1 is available

[2016-02-21] Sevilla 16.3.1 is available. You can download it from the usual place.

New in this version:

  • XML elements are now mixed case. If you use XML, PHP, CSV or JSON dumps you may need to take action. There is an option to write uppercase elements (old style) anyway. Please refer to the “Changes for existing users” section in the help.
  • Sevilla will now check for outdated settings and offer to update them. You may disable this check.
  • The number of rounds is shown in the groups list.
  • For each player up to three web links can be added.
  • Specific players may now be protected for getting a bye.
  • The default sortname for players has been changed to “Prefix, Last name, First name” instead of “Last name, First name, Prefix”. The latter is common in my country (The Netherlands) but less common elsewhere.
  • An alternative ID can be added for players. Result reporting can take place on both IDs.
  • Extern opponents can be promoted to regular player.
  • Game types. Games can be assigned a game type. This is mainly used for distinguishing purposes. Games can be sorted on game type.
  • Game data has been extended with Game type, White expectation, White W-We, Game ID A third game data column has been added.
  • An absence type “free score” has been added. The score for the absence can be added on the spot.
  • “Results” is added as a ranking column (configurable). Some extra columns were added. Color balance was added as a ranking criterion.
  • Barcode printing and entry was improved and the MSI Plessey symbology was added.
  • CSV, JSON, XML and PHP dumps can be send to three destinations: File, mail and FTP.
  • Mail reports can be send “in-line” (not as attachment). A mail report for only a message was added.
  • Mail can be send only to players who prefer getting mail. You can enter all mail addresses to the players, but only mail those who prefer getting them. For emergencies or special situations, you can mail all known mail addresses.
  • The web pages are now HTML5. In the game viewer JavaScript some non-HTML5 elements are used.
  • Updated country flags for Belarus and Myanmar.
  • Result reporting was updated to the latest FIDE format (not default!). German XML based “Dewis” format was added. The old FIDE (pre-2004) and Dutch formats were dropped.
  • For Amsterdams, a “Pools” report was added.
  • Experimental: Added script mode, with a pairing verifier and a random tournament generator. See the Help on script mode.
  • Minor other changes and bug fixes.

For a complete list please refer to the release notes.