Alternative graphics

Here are some alternative piece sets for Montreux.

Fritz pieces 
This set was taken from the Fritz 5 setup screen (with customized color settings). These pieces can be used within Montreux. Save the image into your Montreux directory, and use the option ImgBoardLayout in your montreux.cfg. Don’t use the option ImgLineLayout or ImgTransLayout!

Fritz pieces 
The same pieces with transparant backgrounds. Use the option ImgTransLayout.

Alt pieces 
These pieces were taken somewhere from an internet site and edited for use with Montreux. Use the option ImgLineLayout in your montreux.cfg.

Alt pieces 
This set was taken from the Burkhard Granz site. He created various piece sets for Montreux. Use the option ImgLineLayout.

Version 2x/3.00 pieces 
These are the default pieces used in Montreux 2.x and 3.00. Use ImgLineLayout.

Version 2x/3.00 pieces transparant 
Here are the same pieces with transparant background. These are slightly different from the current default set. Use ImgTransLayout.

Montreux Pieces ImgLineLayout 
These pieces are the Montreux 4.20+ pieces without transparancy. These are useful as some Internet Explorer versions appear to have problems with backgrounds, and create black backgrounds for all squares. If you or your users experience this please use this image instead of the normal one, and use ImgLineLayout in your configuration file.

Here is a very nice contribution created with Photo Impact by Mihai Suba. Use ImgBoardLayout.

Since buttons can also be configured, here are some alternative buttons.

Test buttons 
This button set has been used for testing purposes.

This button set was used in Montreux 4.20 and 4.21.