Montreux features


Montreux is a full featured program, designed to view chess games on the internet, written in the internet language Java. It is not a chess playing program, and it’s not intended to be a chess database program either. It’s main purpose is to present chess games to the visitors of chess clubs or players websites, in a user friendly, generally understood manner. The presentation is rather complete, with support for analyses, game fragments and comments. The applet is kept small keeping in mind that maximum speed at the electronic highway is still quite limited for many users. The applet is easy to configure, using one simple configuration file and supporting the widely accepted PGN chess game format besides it’s own faster format MDF.

Montreux features
Montreux offers, among others, these features:

  • Complete game support.
  • Variation support.
  • Startposition support.
  • Chess problem and chess studies support.
  • Support of comments and nags.
  • Move list for game overview or fast move selection, with support for all variations. Two different move list types are available, in both long and short notation.
  • User friendly game selection.
  • Tab paned info areas, with smart switches, that cover a maximum of data within a minimum of display space.
  • Game window, optionally dockable into the tab pane.
  • Database window to easily load alternative databases, optionally dockable into the tab pane.
  • Last move indication, for both originating and target square.
  • Flip board function.
  • Refresh function, for best download performance for “live” databases. Both manual refresh and auto refresh are supported.
  • MDF Montreux Database Format support for significant speed improvement. Support upto MDF 1.51.
  • Full PGN support, including many frequently used less official details, and many extra tags apart from the STR.
  • PGN->MDF compiler and decompiler.
  • Fast loading and enhanced game parser for both MDF and PGN, resulting in minimum startup overhead.
  • NAG explanation in comments. No more “$18”, but “White has a decisive advantage” instead.
  • Smart windows remembering their positions and sizes.
  • Intelligent screen painting.
  • Nice status messages.

Configuration options include:

  • Over 150 configuration options, with configuration possibilities per operating system and per browser.
  • Localization. Use of local piece letters for reading PGN, generating PGN and display, even per database.
  • Image based buttons, or text based buttons, whatever you like best.
  • Game text formatting for gamelist, result, players text and event text.
  • Configurable graphics.
  • Detachable – Montreux can run in it’s own window.
  • Configurable menus for applacations and detached applets.
  • Many, many other useful and useless configuration options.

Montreux requirements
Montreux works fine with every modern browser, as long as Java is installed. The minimum requirement is Java 1.1. This is a very old version so practically any Java will do.

Please wait a few seconds loading Montreux because:
Your browser might need to initialize its Java stuff.
You must load the program archive.
You must load the piece and button graphics.
You must load the configuration file and the default game database.

This might take some time, so please be a little patient. Luckily Montreux is highly optimized for startup and it will display status messages.

Available game databases on this site.
The next game databases are available (you can create your own for your own site of course):

In order to load an alternative database please press the database button. If you want to read the PGN source please follow the links above.

Montreux on your site?
Do you want to use Montreux for free at your own not commercial site? Click here to download.